Syrup Sounds is a creative sound and music agency based in Central London

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Heineken Road To The Final

A Folk Punk reworking of the traditional Russian song 'Kalinka' for 'Heineken's Champions League Worldwide campaign.

Recent Work

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Volkswagen Value for Money

Four short spots promoting VW's 'Value for money' campaign.

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Ariel The Big Spectacle

An original composition for Ariel's Europewide Big Spectacle campaign.

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Fuze Ice Tea

A bespoke composition fusing world music and sound design for Fuze's worldwide market promoting their Ice Tea product range.

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Baltika for Sochi 2014

Interactive sound design and soundscape installation at Sochi Park for Baltika beer to promote their sponsorship of the 2014 Winter Olympics.

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BBC Planet Earth Live

A combination of classical music and post rock for the Planet Earth Live BBC documentary.

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A short but sweet and clean electro composition for this C&A Ident.

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o2 Travel

A summery indie soundtrack to promote o2's travel app.

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Nike Women

An aptly energetic indie track for Nike Women's online film.

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